Doctor at center of octuplet controversy went to medical school in Cleveland

Dr. Michael Kamrava

BEVERLY HILLS, California — An alumnus of the Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine runs the Beverly Hills fertility clinic that implanted embryos that allowed a Southern California woman to recently give birth to eight children and conceive a total of 14.

Dr. Michael Kamrava is a graduate of the Case and later served his residency at the now-closed Mt. Sinai Hospital, according to his West Coast Infertility Medical Clinic. He’s also a graduate of the University of Illinois and was a fellow at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital.

The Medical Board of California told The Associated Press last week, without identifying the doctor, that it was looking into the Nadya Suleman case to see if there was a “violation of the standard of care.”

The medical board said Monday it has not taken any disciplinary action against Kamrava in the past, according to The AP.

Suleman, who gave birth to eight children in late January, didn’t identify her doctor in an interview with NBC.
But she said she went to Kamrava’s West Coast IVF Clinic and that all 14 of her children were conceived through help from the same doctor.

In 2006, a Los Angeles television station ran a story that showed Kamrava treating Suleman and discussing embryo implantation, which is seen here via The Los Angeles Times.

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