Your healthcare reform scorecard (Morning Read)

Among today’s current medical news: healthcare reform legislation, T-Mobile, AT&T, pharmaceutical animations.

Current medical news and unique business news for anyone who cares about the healthcare industry.

Healthcare reform: Winners and waiters. There’s endless punditry about anniversary of healthcare reform legislation passed last year. Those helped by reform after year one: Medicare recipients, young adults, small businesses and some early retirees.

Those who haven’t felt the benefits: those ages 55 to 65, low-income adults and the unemployed.

T-Mobile: A healthcare lightweight. Healthcare professionals shouldn’t worry about the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition. Mobihealthnews points out T-Mobile has done little in mobile health. But…

T-Mobile USA’s lack of interest in mobile health, however, does not preclude this $39 billion acquisition from helping AT&T’s position in mHealth.

If the acquisition of T-Mobile USA clears the necessary regulatory hurdles, T-Mobile USA’s parent company Deutsche Telekom would own about 8 percent of AT&T and also have a seat on the company’s board. A strong partner in Europe could bring an number of opportunities.

Also, the most talked about of AT&T’s current challenges is its network capacity issues. Smartphone users in San Francisco and New York City are especially vocal about connectivity issues with AT&T’s 3G network. The acquisition of T-Mobile USA brings an impressive amount of new wireless spectrum and capacity to AT&T’s networks.

It would mean more bandwidth and better coverage for mobile health app users, too.

Lap band removals. As many as 50 percent needed to remove their lap band because in many cases the band has “gnawed its way through the wall of the stomach.”

Men: Growth market for plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures for men are up 2 percent, including areas such as facelifts (14 percent), ear surgeries (11 percent), Botox injections (9 percent) and breast reduction (6 percent).

Cool pharma animation. Medgadget highlights a beautiful demo real of Viscira Life Sciences.