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Diabetes support network launches ‘Diabetes University’ online classes

An online diabetes support network has added an education program that it hopes will fill what it calls a gap in helping diabetic patients manage their condition.

The new “Diabetes Daily University” will offer both free and paid classes, with its first class called “Workshop for Better Blood Sugars” that will be taught by a physician, according to a statement from Diabetes Daily, which is based in the Cleveland area. The $47 course is aimed at helping patients understand why blood sugars change and how to use that knowledge to make the disease more manageable and more predictable.

Diabetes Daily CEO David Edelman discussed with MedCity News earlier this year the company’s plans to develop the diabetes education program, but the site was launched just recently. Edelman started Diabetes Daily in 2005 to provide a place for diabetics to discuss their challenges in living with the disease, swap recipes and share medication tips. The support network has 60,000 members.

Diabetes Daily University “will help bridge the gaps by showing patients how to find answers to the numerous and daunting questions they have about living a fulfilling life with diabetes,” Edelman said in the statement.


Edelman said the education program was a response to the most frequent question Diabetes Daily receives: “I’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes. Now what do I do?”

Other courses will focus on topics such as “Best practices in managing blood glucose levels” and “how to read food nutrition labels.”

A search for “online diabetes education classes” returns at the top of an education program from the University of California, San Francisco, though the site appears to offer primarily self-guided education. Diabetes Daily is obviously banking on enticing customers by offering a higher quality of diabetes education compared to what’s available for free online.

With more than 25 million Americans, or more than 8 percent of the population, afflicted with diabetes, Diabetes Daily University certainly has a wide market of potential customers.

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