EndOclear using visual technology to help clean breathing tubes

A Michigan company has raised money to continue developing a medical device use to clear away film and blockages in breathing tubes.

EndOclear’s technology is meant for patients who need a ventilator for more than 48 hours. Although endotracheal tubes are cleaned in the ICU, some tubes accrue a thick biofilm that inhibits patients’ breathing and ups their risk for developing ventilator-associated pneumonia.

EndOclear’s scope-like system aims to enable doctors to see and clear the biofilm from inside the ET tube, helping the patient restore normal breathing and cutting costs associated with tracheostomy care, ventilator associated pneumonia and long stays in the ICU.

EndOclear recently raised $500,000, according to federal regulatory filings.


The company was founded by Michigan cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Brad Vazales and is conducting studies to show efficacy of its technology, according to its website.

Driven by growing instances of respiratory diseases, the ventilation systems and accessories market is estimated to grow more than 5 percent annually, according to a 2011 TechNavio market report, and hit $2.48 billion in 2014.

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