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Optometry health IT company raising $600,000

RevolutionEHR, a Madison, Wisconsin health IT company that develops web-based optometric electronic health records maintenance software, is raising $600,000, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The EMR software integrates scheduling, accounting, ordering, inventory control, task management, patient recall and letter writing.

According to CEO Scott Jens’ LinkedIn page, RevolutionEHR is part of Health Innovation Technologies, started in 2006, and “challenge[s] the established computerized practice management software platforms in optometry that require local server installs. RevolutionEHR has been installed in optometry practices in nearly all 50 states since the software product launch in June 2007.”

Jens is a doctor of optometry at Isthmus Eye Care.


The software system is marketed as a practical solution to independent practices, a category most optometry practices fit into, the website notes.

Earlier this month the company launched RevolutionPHR, an online patient portal allowing patients to view their personal health record online from data within RevolutionEHR. The tool allows patients to look at their current account history, past payments, the status of optical and contact lens orders, and a summary of past and future appointments. It will be expanded to include pre-office-visit online patient interviews, patient scheduling management, and online bill paying, according to the company’s website.

“Our ongoing mission is to help optometrists achieve the highest level of patient interaction and satisfaction attainable,” said Jens on the website. “RevolutionPHR is going to become an invaluable tool for the most connected patient relationships achievable.”

Healthcare IT has been a popular healthcare investment target since it does not require regulatory approval to be implemented. One factor that has driven the growth of electronic healthcare records is $17 billion EHR incentive program contained within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


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