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Telemedicine dermatology company raises $1M

A company that’s looking to use telemedicine technology to help treat skin disorders has raised $1 million, according to a regulatory document.

McMurray, Pennsylvania-based Iagnosis sourced the funding from 11 investors, with the date of the first sale coming on Feb. 15.

Iagnosis is developing a virtual office platform to support direct-to-consumer skin care. The company markets itself on its LinkedIn page as specializing in teledermatology and digital technology.


The company says it’s aiming to provide accessible, affordable expert care “using technology that is simple and available to most consumers,” according to its website.

Iagnosis’ regulatory document lists two names: CEO Mark Seraly and COO Lawrence Eakin. Eakin didn’t immediately return a call.

“Our goal is to bring market-leading, disruptive, game-changing care solutions that break the antiquated traditional care paradigm that severely limits dermatological specialty care today,” according to a description that contains an impressive amount of buzzwords on Eakin’s LinkedIn page.

Seraly is also behind another telemedicine company, DermatologistOnCall, that promises to provide “instantly accessible and affordable online skin care.”

To use another buzzword, that sounds like synergy.

[Photo from flickr user justj0000lie]

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