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Telemedicine startup to add 3M electronic stethoscopes to kiosks

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Telemedicine startup HealthSpot will use electronic stethoscopes from 3M in its virtual-doctors’-office kiosks.

Connecting 3M’s Littmann Stethoscope Model 3200 with HealthSpot’s Care4 Station will allow clinicians to listen to critical body sounds in real time when examining patients at a remote location, according to a statement from Dublin-Ohio based HealthSpot.


HealthSpot last week announced a deal with Sprint to connect its kiosks to the telecommunications giant’s wireless network. The startup is likely to announce more technology integration deals this week as it looks to build buzz at HIMSS, the nation’s largest health IT conference.

HealthSpot envisions patients using its kiosks for a variety of primary care needs — minor illnesses, skin conditions, allergies and the like. Each kiosk comes equipped with high-definition videoconferencing capabilities, plus integrated digital medical equipment that can send doctors diagnostic information like temperature and blood pressure.

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