Regenerative medicine startup to begin enrollment in phase 2 heart failure trial

Regenerative medicine startup Juventas Therapeutics is planning to begin enrollment in a phase 2 heart failure clinical trial next quarter.

The Cleveland-based company’s technology, JVS-100, works by recruiting stem cells from the bone marrow to create new blood vessels and prevent ongoing cell death at the site of a patient’s injury.

During the trial, Juventas will deliver its therapeutic via catheters from BioCardia, according to a statement from California-based BioCardia.

In January, Juventas touted the 12-month results of its phase 1 heart failure trial. At 12 months, heart failure patients treated with the company’s stem cell therapy showed “significant” improvements in two key measures: a six-minute distance-walking test and the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire, a patient self-assessment of how heart failure affects daily life.


In addition to the heart failure trial, Juventas has already begun enrollment in a phase 2a trial that will assess the safety and efficacy of JVS-100 in critical limb ischemia patients.

Juventas was founded to commercialize technology developed by cardiologist Dr. Marc Penn, director of research at the Summa Cardiovascular Institute in Akron, Ohio.

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