Morning Read: Researchers use 3D printer to create reactionware vessels

Left: The fabricator viewed from the front, with a single syringe of acetoxysilicone polymer loaded in the printing head. The white area below the printing head is a square of ordinary paper onto which the reactionware was printed. Center: The fabricator printing one of the devices used in this work. Right: Schematic of the as-printed multipurpose reactionware used in the synthesis of compounds 1–3, which shows the key features of the design.

A team at the University of Glasgow in Scotland has created reactionware vessels with a commercial 3D printer and open-source CAD software. Professor Lee Cronin says his team has synthesized three drug compounds by changing the design of the reactionware.

If the Affordable Care Act is overturned, hundreds of Medicare policies will be null and void. The health law changed almost every aspect of how Medicare does business. Even the American Medical Association says that it’s hard to imagine the impact of the reform disappearing.

A smartphone attachment for diagnosing oral cancer won the 2012 mHealth Alliance Award. OScan uses high resolution imaging to check the mouth and throat for lesions.


George Rathmann died Sunday at the age of 84. The first CEO of  Amgen managed the development and launch of Epogen which transformed the care of kidney dialysis patients and cancer chemotherapy patients, and made billions in profits.

Create a “life certificate” that would bundle standardized health information and travel with people and grow with them. The Kauffman Task Force on Cost-Effective Health Care Innovation suggests this certificate as well as collecting data from outside the health care system, sharing publicly funded data, and curating data as ways to use big data to improve patient health and cut costs. Experts from Duke Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, the West Wireless Health Institute, Stanford University and Yale Law School contributed to the report. Download a copy of the report here.

[Image from Nature Chemistry]

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