1 in 4 medical sales job seekers forced into job search

For those without a medical degree, healthcare sales may seem like an ideal way to benefit from the booming healthcare industry. But what is the market like for medical sales job seekers? Massive layoffs and overseas outsourcing have certainly made the market even more competitive, but job seekers continue to persevere, and many of them do so voluntarily. That is, 3 out of 4 medical sales job seekers are voluntarily looking for work. A recent survey found only 25% have been laid off or otherwise forced into the job market.

Job Search Infographic

Nearly 600 medical sales job seekers took the survey, answering questions about how much time they spend on the job search, their biggest challenges, and the reasons they are looking for work. The job search infographic  (left) reveals the results.

So what’s the verdict? Not surprisingly, 95% of  medical sales job  seekers report using job sites to find jobs. The second most commonly cited source (72%) was  employer websites. LinkedIn was also popular, cited by 66% of respondents, but only 7% report using other social sites in the job search. And how much time are they spending pursuing these sources? One-third report spending between 5 and 10 hours per week on their job search. Another 23% say they spend 11-20 hours and 22% spend less than 5 hours, for an average time on the search of 13.5 hours per week.

But even for those who put in the time, the job search can be frustrating, and nothing is more frustrating than being ignored. Perhaps that’s why 38% of respondents say the most challenging aspect of their search is having the right experience but still not getting a call. Also frustrating is not having enough experience for the job they want.

So what makes job seekers subject themselves to the frustrations of a job search? Only 1 in 4 don’t have a choice  in the matter; 25% of respondents say a recent lay off was the catalyst for their job search. Another 25% say they are unhappy in their current role and thus looking for something new. 22% say it’s “just time for change” and 17% are looking for something that pays better than their current role.

Whatever the reason for the medical sales job search, the task isn’t easy. Perhaps that’s why one in four job seekers say they are feeling pessimistic about the job search. More than a third, however, report feeling optimistic. Whatever the current mood of your job search, remember that only those who are willing to put in the time and effort and move past their frustrations will eventually see the pay off.


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