Morning Read: OKCupid’s 10 charts about sex should be a model for educating with health data

OKCupid’s clever and engaging use of their data to educate readers might work to motivate healthy behaviors even in people not looking for a date. John Moore on The Health Care Blog suggests that the healthcare industry do something radical, such as using data in fun and engaging ways to educate people about the links between body image and sex drive or diabetes and obesity. See all the OKCupid charts here.

The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance is highlighting how incentives are driving innovation in wireless health at their annual summit that starts in San Diego today. Leaders from the X Prize foundation, Qualcomm, and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Connected Care Challenge will all be speaking to discuss winners, new competitions, and the overall results of these initiatives.

A new report from the Kauffman Foundation suggests that IPOs do not create as many jobs in the long-term as venture capitalists have suggested. An author of the study explains to Bloomberg Businessweek that the widely cited 90% growth rate for new companies only considers firms with the largest market caps, not smaller companies or those that failed. Read the report here.

At the Health 2.0 event in Boston last week, athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush hinted that his company might buy EpocratesBush seemed to be impressed with Epocrates’ reach among physicians, and described the company’s relationship with doctors as “more relevant” and “content-rich” than what athenahealth has been able to establish with the same group.


[Image from OKCupid]

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