Heart disease startup using “iCoaches” and biosensors to improve patient outcomes

Cardiovascular disease treatment startup CardioVIP has raised two-thirds of a $3 million series B financing round to create better outcomes for cardiovascular disease.

The company presented as part of an angel investor pitching event held by Villanova Entrepreneurs Network.

CardioVIP has built a set of algorithms that combines information from biosensors in the blood and diagnostic tests performed by primary care physicians. The company is partnering with Cleveland HeartLab to crunch that data and understand a patient’s disease risk and produce tailored treatment plans, the only firm to do so claims CardioVIP corporate Vice President Jamie Richter. The report is displayed on a proprietary medical communication system that’s available on the Web to physicians and patients, he said.

Richter, who is also a co-founder and principal with Jericho Equity Partners, said a near-term goal is to expand the Houston, Texas-based business to the Philadelphia region. Richter has worked for companies like CorSolutions Medical, which was acquired by Matria Healthcare, CardioNet and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ). Frank Ruderman, the CEO of CardioVIP, previously led Berkeley HeartLab until its acquisition by Celera, which was acquired by Quest Diagnostics last year.


Cardiovascular disease risk is broken down into five components: dyslipidemia, inflammation, diabetes and prediabetes, hypertension and metabolic disease. The algorithm also generates a set of treatment plan considerations, which the physician turns into a personalized treatment plan for the patient. It also uses Web-based health coaches — iCoaches — who work with patients on an ongoing basis. The coaches help patients follow a treatment health plan and provide continuity of care.

About 19 million people in the U.S. have risk factors for cardiovascular disease with another 46 million who go undiagnosed but are at substantial risk for developing the disease.

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