Dear entrepreneurs: 10 bits of wisdom from investors on Twitter

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There are lots of great healthcare entrepreneurs sharing their successes, hurdles, and lessons on Twitter. Lucky for them, there are also a lot of investors sharing their advice.

Other Twitter users have collected helpful lists of biotech VCs that you can follow. But for your Friday afternoon, here are a few words of wisdom they’ve been sharing lately:

Marc Weiser is a former internet and software entrepreneur who’s now the founder and managing director of RPM Ventures, an information technology investor.

You might recognize the name: Entrepreneur and VC Vinod Khosla has been in the news recently for his provocative comments on machines replacing doctors.

Investor Dave McClure is also founding partner at 500 Startups, which has invested in Fitocracy and drchrono.

Bob More is a partner at Frazier Healthcare Partners.

John Milad is a medical technology investor based in the UK.

As a partner with Y Combinator, Garry Tan invests in early-stage tech companies.

Jason Ball is a London-based senior investment manager at Qualcomm Ventures Europe.

March Birch is an entrepreneur and investor in New York City.

The CEO of AdVentures, Brent Beshore, is also a venture partner at Gen Y Capital.

Chris Dixon is a partner and co-founder at the seed-stage venture capital fund Founder Collective.

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