A post-Turkey Day digest of what you missed in healthcare happenings this week

Sleeping Medical Staff

Still in a food or shopping coma from this week? Here’s some easy reading to catch you up on what you missed in healthcare innovation news.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which recommended against regular PSA testing and annual breast cancer screening before age 50 for U.S. men and women, respectively, this week recommended for regular HIV testing in nearly everyone over age 15.

A new healthcare angel fund focused on out-of-the-box ideas for cutting costs and improving efficiency in acute care emerged.


San Diego company Organovo showed us that developing tissue not just for drug discovery but for therapies is not too far fetched.

Papa Johns and other chain restaurants continue to sound off about having to provide health insurance to employees under the Affordable Care Act.

Medtronic isn’t joining others in the fight to repeal the medical device tax because, in the words of its CEO, it likes to “focus on things we can control.”

EHR company Imagine MD shut its doors, serving as a reminder of the inevitable consolidation to come.

Three weeks later, four New York hospitals are still closed due to damage from Sandy.

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