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Cleveland Clinic opens up its Facebook page to allow comments

1:42 pm by | 0 Comments

social mediaCleveland Clinic does a lot of talking on social media. And now it’s starting to let people talk back.

Director of Digital Marketing Scott Linabarger told the crowd at Wednesday’s Content Marketing World Health Summit sponsored by that Cleveland Clinic just a couple weeks ago started letting anyone who likes their Facebook page leave a comment. It was a resource issue as much as it was a trust issue: the health system in the past few weeks took many of its part-time social media and marketing team members and moved them to full-time. Now they have someone who can monitor feedback in case it goes too far.

Among the messages that have come through in today’s discussions about leveraging digital marketing, it’s that there’s a push to find ways to more deeply engage and  convert into dollars the people healthcare companies have gathered on social media. The event’s kickoff keynote speaker, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Margaret Coughlin, opened the day telling the audience: Having 800,000 Facebook fans doesn’t matter if they’re not engaged. The focus for Coughlin: building loyalty and revenue from those fans.

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Chris Seper

By Chris Seper MedCity News

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