Internet search data proves nursing remains the least respected profession in healthcare

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The more you read, the more you understand that nurses — not doctors, not entrepreneurs and not investors — could be the indispensable cog to make patients healthier, solve some of the physician shortages and implement so many of the new patient deliver innovations.

Just today, a report showed that patients often  prefer nurses to doctors.

So when will everyone respect them more? Today they’re increasingly relegated to paper pushers. Pay cuts are a constant threat. And they have to chug coffee at a obscenely high rate. Some people see respect as the reason experienced nurses leave the profession earlier than they could.


But, like so much of our modern world, the Internet search is the litmus test.

Using the keyword service Wordtracker, I entered “nurses” into the database and out came the most common searches for the term. The No. 1 term — wait for it — is “hot nurse.” And it’s searched for 48 times more often than American Nurses Association, which doesn’t even crack the top 30. In fact, that single phrase “hot nurse” makes up one-third of all Internet searches from the top 30 terms, according to Wordtracker.

There are NSFW terms on this list (the only small comfort: many people searching for these terms can’t spell). One more suggestion: When you see a search you don’t understand, do not Google it.

Here’s the painful top 30 nurse searches (via Wordtracker):

  1. Hot nurse
  2. Nurse
  3. Night shift nurses
  4. Private nurse movie
  5. Hot nurse and patient
  6. Nurse gives hand job
  7. Nurse adventures
  8. Hot japanese nurses
  9. Nurses
  10. Naughty nurse
  11. Sexy nurse
  12. Naught nurses
  13. Naughty nurses
  14. Nurse joy
  15. Nurse chut
  16. Enema nurse
  17. Nurse sex
  18. Hot teachers and nurses
  19. Asian nurse
  20. Cute nurse gallery
  21. Hot nurses
  22. Nurse jackie
  23. Amazing nurse nanako
  24. Hot nurse examines a patient
  25. Nurse examines patient
  26. Chloroform nurse videos
  27. Wet nurse
  28. Hot night shift nurses
  29. Nurse tube
  30. Anime nurse

Doctors do fare better — but share their lumps. “Play doctor rectal temperature video” is No. 8 and “fake doctors excuse” is No. 6. But all the worst doctor searches are typed in much less often than the nurse searches.

That’s (not) hot. But you know what is? Entrepreneurs are paying nurses increasing respect by focusing on unique, interesting and problem-solving ideas that make nurses a bigger part of the healthcare equation. That’s the silver lining to a digital future.

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Calamity Sane
Calamity Sane

I have to say I have been a nurse for 35 years and I am again in school obtaining a masters degree. Nurses are still not seen as professionals by many others in the health care profession. I currently have a Health Care Administrator with a background in social science. He treats the nurses in our primary care clinic like dirt. Every day we hear the same comment if you don't like it here you can go elsewhere. There are not many jobs in this economy.  We have taken a 12% pay cut, our insurance has gone up $130.00 a month, and we are down a nurse and he will not hire. We have just enough to cover every shift but as soon as someone calls off, or if someone gets sick we have to stay overtime. The comment, see you will make up the 12% cut in no time. What a butt. As soon as I graduate in May I am gone! He wonders why no one will complete " collateral duties". I can surely tell you why. However he always takes credit for the care given to our patients. Unbelievable! So yes, nurses are still looked upon as the lesser of the professions. Doctors are actually much better than they were many years ago.

Now, if they will just allow NP's to have autonomy. We shall see.


This does not "prove" anything besides misogyny and trivialization of Women! This is article is about sexism, pure and simple. Year after year surveys show that Nurses are at or near the top of lists of the professionals most trusted by the public. In my career, I have noticed a dramatic increase in respect FROM PATIENTS, but NOT from physicians or hospitals. Ironically the ONLY reason a patient needs to be admitted to a hospital is because they need the care of a highly professional, educated Registered Nurse.