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Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, L.A., Seattle, and NYC are the world’s top 5 tech hubs

8:39 am by | 2 Comments

The Startup Genome has analyzed 50,000 startups around the world to create what it is calling the first “data-driven ranking” of the top 20 tech hubs on the planet. And to highlight just how important startups are to national and global economies.

Who knew, for example, that Sydney, Australia, is global capital of “data driven startups?” Or that the top nine startups of the last 15 years have generated nearly a trillion dollars in value, helped along by the likes of Facebook, Google, and Amazon? And while everyone would likely have guessed that Silicon Valley is the top hub of entrepreneurship on the planet, and ranked Tel Aviv high on the list, if not exactly second, Los Angeles coming in third is a bit of a surprise.

The conclusions are based on data from startups that use the Startup Compass, a tool that helps founders make better  decisions through data. Startup Genome analyzed factors such as startup incidence, funding availability, business performance, founder mindset, technology trends, support networks, and talent availability to find the


Here are the top 20 technology hubs, as defined by the Startup Genome:

  1. Silicon Valley
  2. Tel Aviv
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Seattle
  5. New York City
  6. Boston
  7. London
  8. Toronto
  9. Vancouver
  10. Chicago
  11. Paris
  12. Sydney
  13. Sao Paulo
  14. Moscow
  15. Berlin
  16. Waterloo (Canada)
  17. Singapore
  18. Melbourne
  19. Bangalore
  20. Santiago

More valuable than the ranking, Startup Genome provided the ranking data for each technology hub on eight key criteria. Using these criteria you can see, for example that while Vancouver ranks 14th in the support index, probably due to being a relatively young ecosystem, it ranks second in the mindset index (indicating that it has plenty of eager and driving founders), and fourth in the talent index.

Tel Aviv, on the other hand, ranks second in startup output and equivalent to Silicon Valley in funding, but only twelfth in performance, perhaps due to Israeli startups’ sometimes-wondered-at predilection for building smaller companies … companies that don’t scale into enormous enterprises.

The report is rich in data and many more details — you can get your own copy right here.

Image credits: Startup Genome

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This article originally appeared on VentureBeat

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By John Koetsier,

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Hi John,


I think it important to note that this study looked at internet startups and not startups generally.  This report would not be informative to the medical device, bioteh or pharmaceutical indsustry MedCity covers.  It would have limited application to the health IT community.


There is certainly overlap in those startup communities (the valley, boston and seattle all have biomedical hubs).


From their website, "The benchmark is based on data from over 17,000 internet startups and counting, ranging from founders with just an idea to startups that raised a Series B."

Tom Smith
Tom Smith

I think you forgot to mention Tallinn, Estonia.