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Tongue in cheek: Physician launches Predicktor to estimate a man’s size (video)

bigstock-My-winky---7781080Setting out to prove that laughter really is the best medicine, a physician has launched an app to predict penis size using personal stats to ease the anxieties of the male ego and make sex partners less judgmental.

The Predicktor asks users to submit information on their height, shoe size, butt size, index finger, sexual orientation, among other data. It shows how they compare with the rest of the population, by referencing scientific journals.

The Android app, developed by Dr. Chris Culligan of physician-led interactive media company The Doctor Says, sits awkwardly amidst a portfolio of apps designed to screen people for alcohol dependency, depression and anxiety.

In a company statement Culligan said:


“The Predicktor was created as a fun and factual catalyst for discussion, to relieve anxiety and correct myths through education. It is designed to be social in nature – taking the topic out of hallway whispers to openly engaging peer groups with a few laughs.”

It also seems like an ingenious way to collect a huge amount of data on a population only too willing to volunteer a lot of confidential information.

Despite the emphasis on humor, it doesn’t sound all that different from a pile of apps flagged up by a group of investigative researchers last year because they make false medical claims.

[Photo credit: My winky from BigStock Photo]