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FindTheBest raises $11M to build comparison shopping for everything

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I was sold on the idea of FindTheBest the second I saw that it lets users compare sperm banks.

This isn’t because I’m at all interested in sperm banks (honest!), but rather because the existence of the sperm banks comparisons proved to me that the FindTheBest model worked, and could be applied to just about everything.

Investors are impressed as well and have helped FindTheBest raise $11 million in a second round of funding. Led by new investor New World Ventures, the round was joined by Montgomery & Co, Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, and FindTheBest CEO (and DoubleClick founder) Kevin O’Connor. 

FindTheBest offers visitors unbiased, data-driven comparisons across hundreds of topics, products, and device categories. Think of something like the electronics-focused Decide, and then extrapolate that to just about everything else, including colleges, health insurance, and payroll software.


FindTheBest, which raised $6 million in 2011, says it plans to use the funding both to dip its feet in new markets and to continue to monetize its platform.

Headquartered in Summerland, Calif. FindTheBest was founded in 2009. VentureBeat has previously used the company’s platform to compare tablets, which I thought was pretty cool.


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