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Diagnostic startup to get national spotlight in Discovery Channel series

television TV set grafittiA life science program highlighting new medical innovations on the Discovery Channel will include a segment on Philadelphia area diagnostic startup CD Diagnostics.

The Health Heroes episode scheduled to air April 15, will focus on orthopedic solutions. Richard Birkmeyer, the CEO, will discuss its orthopedic immunoassay f0r joint disease.

Its lead product analyzes joint fluid for joint disease at about the speed of a home pregnancy test. The test is designed to be more accurate than current joint fluid tests available because it measures the presence of biomarkers in the joint fluid around the relevant joint to avoid the potential for false positive or negative results. Here’s how it works. A fluid sample is taken from the joint. Once in a collection chamber, the sample flows along a test strip and changes color if a joint disease biomarker is present in the sample. The color change indicates that the patient has the specific joint disease, depending on the disease for which he or she is being tested.

It is also working on tests to detect gout and osteoarthritis. The company sees significant market potential as more than 51 million people are tested annually for some type of joint pain from an infection, osteoarthritis, gout and other diseases.


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