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Report: Bing delivers five times more malicious sites in search results than Google

April 13, 2013 2:41 pm by | 1 Comments


Malicious search results are a constant problem for search engines, and Google is a whole lot better at filtering them out than Bing.

So says a report from German research firm AV-Test (PDF), which found that Bing served up five times as many malicious sites in search results than Google did over an 18-month period. Out of the 10 million search results delivered by both sites, Google served up 272 potentially nasty sites and Bing returned 1,285.



The situation is somewhat funny given Microsoft’s constant attacks on Google’s search results, which Microsoft says are impartial and “Scroogle” customers. But while there’s a lot of room for debate on that topic, it’s very tough to argue with the numbers from the AV-Test report: Right now, Google is doing a better job at search than Microsoft is.

But while Bing still has room for improvement, it’s doing a far, far better job than Russian search site Yandex, which AVLab says delivered 3,300 bad sites — twice as many as Microsoft’s search engine.

In all, the report shows what should already be clear: The more sites  search engines index, the more they have to worry about bad results. And no one has figured out a perfect way to drop that malware number to zero.

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This article originally appeared on VentureBeat

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By Ricardo Bilton,

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The Bing it On Challenge doesn't appear to be available in Canada, I'd love to compare search queries for my site www.andykuiper.com

Thanks - Andy 

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