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Test your multitasking skills with this interactive brain-bender

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Working in the online world is all about multitasking. Whether you’re a developer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, or a biz dev hustler, you always have about five tasks and a Twitter feed to keep an eye on. And with your smartphone buzzing away in your hand and notifications for every imaginable service constantly streaming into view, the ability to multitask is only becoming more valuable.

But are you really cut out for multitasking, or are you out of your element when you can’t focus on one thing at a time?

Lucky for you, we found this awesome interactive test to measure your multitasking skills. It’ll even generate an infographic about your personal test results for you narcissistic, quantifiable-self nerds.

Created by http://Open-Site.org

via OpenSite.org

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By Jolie O'Dell,

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