Got an idea to disrupt pediatric healthcare? Boston Children’s wants to hear about it.

disruptive ideaIt has to be said that when it comes to innovation, there’s loads of interesting developments in pediatrics, from intubation to telemedicine to rare diseases. The only thing is, it’s often overshadowed by the pace of developments for improving follow up care for people with chronic conditions, for example. To draw attention to some of the innovations underway in pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital is calling for submissions for a competition across three categories including clinical, patient-focused and autism.

There are three categories the innovation awards fall into: clinical innovations, community and patient empowerment and research or scientific breakthrough in autism.

Here’s the criteria for each category:

Clinical entries

  • Submissions need to be a recent innovation in pediatric health that’s led to improved care and treatment.
  • Display a unique approach to improve healthcare experience or solve an existing problem.
  • Spotlight a strategy or procedure that improves the quality of care for patients.
  • Represents an advance from past practice.
  • Improves significant business and/or clinical processes that positively impact patient care.
  • Displays clear, accurate and efficient technical methods
  • Has significant, measurable impact.
  • Provides values to customers and stakeholders.

The Community/Patient Empowerment category is looking for submissions that emphasize disruptive innovations, provide measurable clear and user-friendly reporting.

The Research/Scientific Breakthrough in Autism is looking for research breakthroughs that have the potential for identifying causes of autism or for diagnosing or treating children with autism. It’s also looking for entries that take a creative or unique approach to a diagnostic test intervention or treatment or display clear, accurate technical methods to identify autism and has a likelihood of being implemented in a clinical setting in the next five years.

The $50,000 award will be presented to three winners as part of the hospital’s inaugural conference on pediatric innovation in September, Taking on Tomorrow. The deadline for submissions is July 31. Click on this link for application details.

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