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Physician entrepreneur preps for market launch of diabetic foot ulcer sensor

One of the cool things about physician entrepreneurs is their ability to spot pain points in the healthcare industry because they see them firsthand every day. They use their clinical experience to help reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes. And one of the biggest pain points is diabetes where complications like foot ulcers can lead to amputations and have contributed to roughly one-third of $116 billion in healthcare costs, including hospitalization.

Canadian digital health company Orpyx Medical Technologies is gearing up for the launch of its diabetic foot ulcer sensor at the American Podiatric Medical Association’s conference in Las Vegas later this month. Its Surrosense RX system, its flagship product, is designed to alert patients to an impending foot ulcer so they can seek medical attention before it develops on the skin’s surface. Another product under development, SurroGait RX, sends a light vibration to the user’s back when he or she is nearing a danger zone for developing an ulcer on their foot.

Breanne Everett, Orpyx CEO and founder, told me at the CONVERGE conference said she enjoyed the talk by Dr. Amy Baxter, the CEO of Buzzy4shots, a pediatrician entrepreneur and pain researcher who spoke about doctors designing devices because it reminded her of her own experience and why she became an entrepreneur.

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