NHS: Everyone in UK with chronic condition to have a digital, personalized plan of care by 2015

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service has launched an ambitious objective: All patients with disabilities or chronic conditions will have individualized care plans by 2015. And, those care plans must be accessible online or via a mobile app. They should have a personalized budget and a digital care plan in less than two years.

“Transforming Participation in Health and Care,” which announces how the agency will carry out this goal, is a guide to help “patients and carers in decisions relating to care and treatment.”

“We must put voice–citizen and patient voice–absolutely at the heart of every decision we take in purchasing, commissioning, providing services in the NHS. . . . The reason we’ve got to do that is because this is how we are going to transform patient outcomes, deliver sustainable health service now and for future generations,” NHS National Director of Patients and Information Tim Kelsey said. (View the video above for more.)

According to the guidance, individualized participation will include:

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The guidance also calls for insight and feedback, gleaned through a Friends and Family Test on NHS services, plus publishing data on the “Patient Insight Dashboard” some time this fall.

(Also, U.S. healthcare, take note of the guidance’s interactive, bright, easy-to-follow design.)