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Increasing access to pediatric specialists spurs children’s hospitals to collaborate

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Two regional children's hospitals are combining resources to add more pediatric specialists, offer more hours and cut down on duplication of services in Springfield.

Dayton Children's Hospital and Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus said Friday they will work together at a facility at 1644 N. Limestone St. to provide outpatient specialty pediatric services.

Both entities had been operating in the city separately, but the collaboration is expected to allow both hospitals to become more efficient and ultimately provide better service to patients, said Vicki Giambrone, chief business development officer for Dayton Children's.

"This is just a great way for us to work together," Giambrone said.


Under the terms of the agreement, Dayton Children's Hospital will provide outpatient care in cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, nephrology, pediatric surgery, as well as pulmonary and urology care.

Nationwide Children's Hospital will provide Ear, Nose and Throat clinic services. The Nationwide Children's Child Lab, which provides laboratory services, will also continue to operate at that location.

Nationwide has used the office space at North Limestone Street since last August, but the facility has about 5,000 feet of unused space that will eventually be filled with clinic space, exam rooms and equipment. The empty space is in a shell of the building that still has gravel floors for now, but construction crews are expected to have the space ready as early as next spring.

The agreement will also benefit patients by providing a single site where residents can go for the majority of their specialty pediatric needs, said Patty McClimon, senior vice president for strategic and facilities development at Nationwide Children's. It could also cut down on duplicating services. For example, a single receptionist could could serve both entities by organizing electronic medical records.

Dayton Children's had leased space at the MercyCrest Medical Arts building on McCreight Avenue, but Giambrone said the move will provide more convenience for patients once complete. It will not mean additional jobs, but it will allow Dayton Children's to provide specialists in nephrology, urology, and hematology. Additional hours for patients will also be available for pediatric surgery, pulmonary services and gastroenterology, Giambrone said.

In the long run, the agreement could also mean providing additional medical specialties to the area that may not be available now, McClimon said.

"We're really excited to be working with our colleagues at Dayton Children's," McClimon said. ___

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