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The answer to your Affordable Care Act dental care question

5:07 am by | 2 Comments

mouth, teeth, tongue INDIANA--

Q: Does the health reform law cover treatment by non-medical doctors such as dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors and osteopaths?

A: The Affordable Care Act will provide dental coverage depending on the marketplace plan an individual or family signs up for and most other non-medical doctors will be covered.

The health reform law does cover care provided by osteopaths (doctors of osteopathic medicine, also called D.O.s). Under the law, M.D.s and D.O.s are both viewed as physicians for all patients, Kathy Young, CEO of St. Joseph Hospital, said.

"Dental insurance, on the other hand, is treated differently for adults and children who are 18 years old and younger," she said. "Dental coverage for children is considered an essential health benefit, which means it must be available as part of a health plan or as a free-standing plan."


Insurers don't have to offer adult dental coverage, Young said. Adults will have two options for obtaining dental coverage:

In the Marketplace, dental coverage will be included in some health plans. You can see which plans include dental coverage (and what the dental coverage is) when you compare plans. If a health plan includes dental coverage, you will pay one premium for all coverage.

"In some cases separate, stand-alone plans will be offered," Young said. "This may be your best option if the health coverage you plan to enroll in doesn't include dental coverage, or if you want different dental coverage. If you choose a separate dental plan, you'll pay a separate, additional premium for the dental plan."

Whether or not other health care providers, such as podiatrists and chiropractors, are covered will depend on the plan you choose, she said.

Jennifer Lyons, a financial planner with Bucheri McCarty & Metz LLP said non-medical doctor coverage is allowed through the Affordable Care Act, regardless of the choice of Marketplace plan.

Readers can submit their questions on the Affordable Care Act to City Editor Jill Bond at [email protected] or by mailing them to Kokomo Tribune, care of Jill Bond, 300 North Union St., Kokomo, IN, 46901. ___

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By Ken de la Bastide

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The Affordable Care Act is an overhaul of our healthcare system to include those that are underinsured or uninsured. Overall healthcare should include dental care. If your mouth is unhealthy this affects your organs and your health in general. Dental care should have been overhauled as part of the ACA. Most stand alone dental plans pay a maximum yearly benefit for each member of 1000.00, 1500.00 or maybe 2000.00 dollars. This is not a good dental insurance policy because most premiums cost about this much per person per year, so it would not be of much benefit to purchase a policy. In fact, given the amount of time it takes for a dental plan to pay out for major services, the dental insurance company will have collected almost the benefit amount in insurance premiums. In short, the policy is not worth buying because you will pay as much or almost as much as you would receive in benefits for the year. Dental insurance is a part of healthcare and should have been included in the changes to benefit those who don't have dental insurance as a part of healthcare. This part of the healthcare system should have been included for all people not just children. This portion of overall healthcare needs to be addressed or re-done.


@johnmds Vision should also have been included! Better yet they could have just left it all alone the way it was!! Instead this is confusing and a pain in everybody's neck exact for all the politicians who don't have to worry about it and if they did money isn't a factor to their everyday living!

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