Report: Per-patient cost of early-stage clinical trials has more than doubled since 2008

clinical trials databaseClinical trials today cost 60 percent more than they did just five years ago, according to a new analysis by Cutting Edge Research.

While late-stage trials generally cost the most (the average Phase 3b trial costs more than $48,000 per patient), the research firm’s analysis suggests that per-patient costs in later-stage trials leveled off in 2013. Meanwhile, early-stage trials saw triple-digit growth in cost.

“Early-stage trials have experienced higher cost increases on both a raw dollar and percentage basis,” said Cutting Edge research team leader Ryan McGuire in a press statement. “Phase 1 trial costs experienced the largest increase, rising $23,600 per patient, or 157 percent in the past five years. Phase 2 trials were not far behind, rising 108 percent during the same time period.”

Executives interviewed for the report cited an increased emphasis on drug safety data, new demand for health economics and outcomes research, and shifts toward personalized medicine and orphan drug development as driving forces in rising costs.

[Image credit: Flickr user emagineart]

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