What to expect from Healthcare in 2014?

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With a government shutdown, an increase in accountable care collaboration and a dysfunctional HIE rollout, healthcare has been erratic in 2013 to say the least.

The 9th industry forecast by HIN (Health Intelligence Network), showcased tools for better healthcare management in 2014.

The President of Camden Group, Steven T. Valentine, analyzed the healthcare industry in the annual forecast by looking at major issues and ideas such as dual eligible care management, accountable care plans, and best practices in shared savings and medical homes for hospitals and physicians.

Catherine Sreckovich, the MD at a healthcare practice elaborated different ways through which health plans would impact primary care in the future with details of comparisons between different sectors impacting Health Insurance Exchanges. She further described the dynamics of data analytics and their relationship with the shared savings model to enable greater transparency in healthcare.

In this forecast, more than 130 healthcare organizations determined major issues faced, predicted the future, and listed down the lessons learnt this year.

The annual forecast by HIN provided:

  • The significance of Health Insurance Exchanges for providers and health plans.
  • The importance of PCMH, ACOs, payment plans, and the importance of transparency in holding organizations accountable for costs and outcomes.
  • Usage and transparency of data¬†between healthcare entities.
  • The conundrum of health plans and how different networks mix into the dynamic
    Issues such as a surge in sponsored health plans, multi-payer collaboratives, expansion in Medicaid, dual eligible population, medical loss ratios etc.

In their forecast, the Health Intelligence Network highlighted major healthcare fluctuations of 2013 and provided a glimpse of the year ahead.

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