HIMSS bars reporters from covering Hillary Clinton keynote: Here were the most memorable tweets

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For the second year in a row, HIMSS said it would bar reporters from covering a keynote speech by a Clinton. As part of an email to reporters in the daily briefing a statement read:

Please note that Hillary Clinton’s keynote address will take place at 4:30 PM today. Per HIMSS’ agreement with Secretary Clinton, press are not allowed to cover or attend her keynote as press.

A media contact for HIMSS said they were just conveying a message and had no plans to enforce it for reporters watching the speech in the press office. Clinton sounded like she was unaware of the ban, requesting those in the audience tweeting and taking pictures during the event to “make sure you get my best side.” Here were the most memorable tweets from her keynote.


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If you go through the tweet stream that day I tweeted out the ban within minutes of being sent out as I was seated next to one of the official press and I said I would make sure someone said something. 


Ladies and gentlemen...are you really ...I mean really...amazed? This is just what we have been dealing with on a much larger scale since this last administration came into power. Are you shocked that it will continue? This is what our leaders in government have become. Let the media in only when it benefits the advancement of there agenda. Even when politicians do something wrong, the media is on their side...provided they on on the left that is !!