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MedCityNews is the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare. We offer insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies and the most important deals.

Healthcare leaders must stay on top of new technologies, new companies, future trends and the latest policies, with a perspective that includes the entire healthcare ecosystem: health IT, medical devices, health systems, venture investing, mobile apps, biotech and pharma. In this interconnected market, there is no “Silicon Valley” for healthcare but nearly a dozen hubs of healthcare and life science innovation, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Research Triangle Park, and Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Seattle and San Diego.

We know that in these communities, national stakeholders want to be insiders: both known and in the know. We are comprehensive and provide the context and analysis no one else can. From daily news udpates to annual events, we give our readers the chance to speak to and learn from everyone who has a stake in improving healthcare.

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2014 Editorial Calendar

Sensors and trackers – What does 2014 look like?

Big data – Who is keeping it safe, crunching it smartly and making it useful and actionable?

Digital health and wellness – What is really working?

All funding, all the time – Success stories, new ways to raise funds, trends in SBIR, DARPA, NIH, alternative approaches.

Advances in cancer treatment – Advances in biotech, genetic testing, pharma, and patient-centered treatment.

Genomes and microbiomes – Who is making the best use of sequencing data?

Personalized medicine vs. population health – What startups and health systems are getting each/both right?

Internet of things – What does it look like for health?

How is care getting better for patients? More convenient, more connected, more affordable; focus on ACOs and PCMHs.

Most interesting medical devices of the year – What companies are the most creative, best funded, or biggest need filled?

Diabetes – Where are the biggest advances in cutting edge treatments and day-to-day living?

Design in healthcare – Who is getting it right and what still needs a makeover?

I am looking for guest editors and guest contributors for each month. If you have opinions, ideas, or analysis to share on any of these topics, drop me an email. I will host a monthly Google hangout with the investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and executives who contribute ideas and columns each month. Send me an email if you’d like to join the conversation. – Veronica Combs, editor, MedCity News


Reader Testimonials

“MedCity is invaluable among the many sources of industry reporting because the team endeavor to bring the truly new, and innovative opportunities and developments to light.”
Ken Kirby, President, Transdermal Delivery Solutions Corp

“I like the diversity of topics that MedCity News covers – ranging from devices to policy to start-up companies. Always something interesting to find.”
Robert J. Szczerba, Ph.D., CEO, X Tech Ventures

“MedCity news is a peerless national resource for those of us who really want to stay on top the very latest news in healthcare from incumbents to startups.”
Elliot Menschik, DreamIt Ventures partner; Venturef0rth founder; Penn professor

“I read MedCity because it captures the pulse of what’s going on in healthcare innovation, a go to source. I also like how MedCity supports women in digital health.”
Dr. Charlene Ngamwajasat, @doctorcharlene, Physician and techie

“I find MedCity News a great resource for taking the pulse of the market and sourcing potential investment opportunities.”
Bernie Rudnick, Angel investor and advisor, CapGenic Advisors, LLC