Case Western Reserve University


Heart experts from Cleveland Clinic and Case Western team up: Sujana Biotech raising $5M

A new set of therapeutics for inflammatory and vascular disorders is being developed in Cleveland – based on research from a trio of lauded cardiovascular researchers. Sujana Biotech just raised $800,000 of a potential $5 million round, according to a regulatory filing. According to BioMotiv, the scientific backing for the new therapeutics come from  Daniel Simon, chief […]

Prosthetic limb restores sense of touch, heals phantom pain

A new prosthetic limb can restore sensation for people who have lost a limb and even relieve the phantom pains they feel, LiveScience reports. Developed by researchers at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve and the government’s APT Center, the prosthesis stimulates the nerves in a patient’s upper arm, allowing them to once again experience the sense of touch. […]

Devices & Diagnostics

A one-minute test that could uncover malaria

When Brian Grimberg and a team at Case Western Reserve University began working on their Rapid Assessment of Malaria (RAM) device nearly four years ago, it was the size of a kitchen table. Today, the functional prototype is a handheld device that the team thinks can diagnose the tropical disease more quickly, simply and affordably. […]