It costs more to kill ‘Obamacare’ than to keep it (Morning Read)

Among today’s current medical news: a report claiming healthcare repeal is more costly than healthcare reform; thoughts on a national doctor’s license; early promise for an Alzheimer’s blood test; and a nursing student’s bad decision on Facebook.

Current medical news and unique business news for anyone that cares about the healthcare industry.

Healthcare squabble in dollars and sense. Republicans consider the US healthcare reform bill passed last year as a job killer. But a new Congressional Budget Office report says repealing the health legislation would add $230 billion to federal budget deficits over the next decade.

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“C.B.O. can only provide a score based on the assumptions that are given to them,” House Speaker John A. Boehner said. “And if you go back and look at the health care bill and the assumptions that were given to them, you see all of the double-counting that went on.”

A national doctor’s license? “Since we may have gone to a medical school in any state, or even in other countries, and since the examinations we take to obtain our licenses have become fundamentally national exams, why is there state by state licensing for us?

Alzheimer’s blood test. Researchers found two antibodies which identified Alzheimer’s sufferers in a small-sample study.

Hospital high rollers. Non-profit hospital executives in the Pacific Northwest are scrutinized for high pay and plush perks, including having their country club dues paid for.

Dealflow and more. Cancer antibody developer Symphogen received $130 million; cancer therapeutics company Pro-Pharmceuticals closed on $2.1 million; Place Capital has purchased National Surgical Hospitals; Echo Therapeutics raised $5.5 million; and Alzheimer’s disease detection company Neuroptix raised $4.6 million.

Placenta on Facebook. A nursing student is suing after her school dismissed her for posting a picture of a placenta she was studying on Facebook.