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More health IT stimulus grants released to Massachusetts, 7 others

In all, eight states received Health IT grants through the latest round of funding via the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. The goal is to help states increase their ability to exchange health information across the healthcare system both in their state and beyond.

Massachusetts is the recipient of another round of stimulus funding for statewide health information technology systems.

The funding includes two $1.7 million challenge grants from the Dept. of Health & Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) that are indicated to support innovation in population-level healthcare analysis and improving transitions from long-term and post-acute care.

“Massachusetts led the nation on health reform, and this investment will help us lead again in modernizing medical records. Better technology and more efficient record keeping mean better care and fewer medical errors.” in Sen John Kerry (D-Mass.) said prepared remarks.

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ONC granted seven other state programs funds totaling $16.3 million to support: Development of health information exchanges, giving patients access to their own health information and creating tools and approaches to search for and share granular patient data — such as specific lab results for a given time period.

The grants fall under ONC’s “State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program,” which is designed to “funds states’ efforts to rapidly build capacity for exchanging health information across the health care system both within and across states,” according to the ONC website. The program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The list of grants awarded in the latest round announced Jan. 27 follows:

State organization Previous Award Amount Amount Awarded
January 2011
Colorado Regional Health Information Organization $9,175,777.00 $1,718,783.00
Georgia Department of Community Health $13,003,003.00 $1,686,989.00
Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. $10,300,000.00 $1,718,439.00
Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. $1,267,970.00
Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation $10,599,719.00 $1,717,610.00
Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation $1,675,019.00
Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene $9,313,924.00 $1,683,171.00
HealthShare Montana $5,767,926.00 $1,400,802.00
NC Dept of State Treasurer $12,950,860.00 $1,708,693.00
Oklahoma Health Care Authrity $8,883,741.00 $1,719,086.00
$79,994,950.00 $16,296,562.00

The table below represents the program’s funding since it began doling out grants to states in March 2010.

State organization
Alabama Medicaid Agency $10,564,789
State of Alaska $4,963,063
Arizona Governor’s Office of Economic Recovery $9,377,000
Arkansas Dept of Finance and Administration $7,909,401
California Health and Human Services Agency $38,752,536
Colorado Regional Health Information Organization $9,175,777
Department of Public Health, State of CT $7,297,930
Delaware Health Information Network $4,680,284
Government of the District of Columbia $5,189,709
Agency of Health Care Administration (FL) $20,738,582
Georgia Department of Community Health $13,003,003
The Hawaii Health Information Exchange $5,602,318
Idaho Health Data Exchange $5,940,500
Illinois Department of Health care and Family Services $18,837,639
Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. $10,300,000
Iowa Department of Public Health $8,375,000
Kansas Health Information Exchange Project $9,010,066
Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Kentucky) $9,750,000
Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum $10,583,000
State of Maine/Governor’s Office of Health Policy & Finance $6,599,401
The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene $9,313,924
Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation $10,599,719
Michigan Department of Health $14,993,085
Minnesota Department of Health $9,622,000
State of Mississippi $10,387,000
Missouri Depart of Social Services $13,765,040
HealthShare Montana $5,767,926
Nebraska Department of Administrative Services $6,837,180
Nevada Department of Health and Human Services $6,133,426
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services $5,457,856
New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority $11,408,594
LCF Research, New Mexico $7,070,441
New York eHealth Collaborative Inc. $22,364,782
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer $12,950,860
State of North Dakota, Information Technology Department $5,343,733
Ohio Health Information Partnership LLC $14,872,199
Oklahoma Health Care Authority $8,883,741
State of Oregon $8,579,992
Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform Commonwealth of Pennsylvania $17,140,446
Rhode Island Quality Institute $5,280,000
South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services $9,576,408
South Dakota Department of Health $6,081,750
State of Tennessee $11,664,580
Texas Health and Human Services Commission $28,810,208
Utah Department of Health $6,296,705
Vermont Department of Human Services $5,034,328
Virginia Department of Health $11,613,537
Health Care Authority (Washington) $11,300,000
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources $7,819,000
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services $9,441,000
Office of the Governor (Wyoming) $4,873,000
Pacific Ecommerce Development Corporation (American Samoa) $600,000
Office of the Governor (Guam) $1,600,000
Commonwealth of the NMI, Department of Public Health $800,000
Oticina del Gobernador La Fortaeza (Puerto Rico) $7,770,980
Virgin Islands Department of Health $1,000,000
Total $547,703,438

Table source: The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

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