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Medical device industry has a friend in clinical trials (Best of MedCitizens)

Every week, MedCity News highlights the best of its MedCitizens: clinical trials can help make medical devices better, four ways to help save public benefits, European medical device group emphasizing remote monitoring of cardiac devices.

Every week, MedCity News highlights the best of its MedCitizens: syndication partners and MedCity News readers who discuss life science current events on

Now here’s the best of what YOU had to say:

Medical devices benefit from clinical trials during development. “I have argued for many years, often to deaf ears, that clinical research provides great value when utilized to ’develop’ the product and not solely to confirm the adequacy of a finished product.”

Cardiac medical devices, remote monitoring critical issues for European group. “Eucomed has advocated greater use of remote monitoring of cardiac devices among EU health care providers in order to both improve chronic cardiac care and reduce costs by potentially more than 5.6 billion annually. But facilitating widespread adoption of remote monitoring devices will require setting up permanent reimbursement mechanisms, Eucomed argues, as current models do not properly account for these capabilities.”

Healthcare benefits run amok: 4 ways to salvage public sector benefits. “It’s true that governments have been foolish in how they’ve negotiated with public sector workers and haven’t been honest with the citizens about cost. And I understand why public sector employees and retirees think they deserve what they’re getting. In the business world, unsustainable labor agreements are sometimes resolved through bankruptcy or the threat of it. Better to deal with the issues now rather than getting to that scenario with municipalities and states.”

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