Wisconsin protests and the doctors who are lying to help (Morning Read)

Among today’s current medical news: Wisconsin protests and the doctors that support them, HIMSS is underway, behind the key players in the Sanofi-Genzyme deal, the Supreme Court and Obamacare, and overtraining in mixed martial arts.

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Wisconsin protests and the lying “docs.” Physicians are none-too-pleased with doctors who are handing out phony medical excuses to support Wisconsin protest participants.

“Ultimately, physician dishonesty-on-an-agenda leads to a medical slippery slope that, as history proves, is not a path the profession wants to emulate,” Dr. Scott Silverstein writes at Health Care Renewal.

Dr. R.W. Donnell highlights the “brilliant clinical reasoning” at play.

“We see a lot of sore throats from speaking out, sore feet from walking, a lot of people kind of chilly, under stress we say the best thing you can do is be with a large support group,” said one physician.

HIMSS Update. The ultimate Health IT conference, HIMSS, kicked off this weekend. There’s tons of live coverage, including live tweeting of Health IT leadership strategies, and reporting on assertions such as “today is the best time to be a healthcare entrepreneur in America.” Healthcare IT News is producing content from the conference in partnership with HIMSS.

Sanofi-Genzyme: When CEOs armwrestle. The Sanofi-Genzyme deal was delayed as much by personalities as it was a final price, according to a story in The Boston Globe. Sanofi-Aventis CEO Christopher A. Viehbacher and his Genzyme counterpart, Henri A. Termeer, were different in age, background and approach.

Last summer, speaking to the Globe, he dismissed Viehbacher, 50, as a “younger executive’’ whose $18.5 billion offer for Genzyme failed to appreciate that “this is not a fixer-upper; this is beachfront property.’’ Viehbacher, frustrated that Termeer refused to negotiate, suggested that the company had been poorly managed and was saddled with “a history of overpromising and underdelivering.’’

They settled the deal of “salads and jumbo chocolate chip cookies.”

No legal fast track for Obamacare: Few are willing to guess how the Supreme Court will rule on healthcare reform. But here’s a solid prediction: It is going to take some time. “It will be a big surprise to those who watch the court if the justices accept Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s request that they short-circuit the legal process, combine all of the challenges from across the nation, and take up Obamacare now,” according to The Boston Globe. “Four district judges have split on the constitutionality of the law, and the appeals courts are about to get into the act.”

Pediatrician alert: MMA & self injury. It used to be gymnastics was the over-training sport of choice. Now it looks like an increasing number of athletes are overtraining in mixed martial arts. As one doctor said: There’s no pitch count in mixed martial arts.

Also, a new report highlights an increase in self-injury videos appearing on the Internet.