Medical imaging radiation worse than Japan, Chernobyl? (Morning Read)

Among today’s current medical news: Chernobyl v. Chest CT, Amgen’s Medicare win, Alzheimer’s caregivers grow, J & J CEO’s salary, insurance appeals are often successful and a look back at recent nursing labor strife.

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Chernobyl v. Chest CT. Via CurrentMedicine.TV: “Astonishingly, many common medical imaging tests deliver doses of radiation far greater than doses received by populations around nuclear plant accidents.”

Amgen survives Medicare review. Medicare won’t change the way it reimburses anemia drugs for dialysis patients – a major win for Amgen and its Epogen anemia treatment.

Bill Weldon’s “raise.” Breaking down the Johnson & Johnson CEO’s 2010 salary: “the J&J board cut his overall take home by 7 percent, to $28.7 million from $30.8 million, since his performance bonus was slashed. … On the other hand, Bill received a 3 percent merit raise.”

Alzheimer’s caregivers continues to grow. Via HealthDay: “About 5.4 million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease, and their 14.9 million caregivers provided a total of 17 billion hours of unpaid care, valued at more than $200 billion.”

Sleazy pharma? John Mack says PhRMA put a self serving spin on the recent drug prices report. Mack asks: Why doesn’t the industry share some of the pain many people are feeling during this harsh economy and DECREASE the price of its products as did the generic drug industry?”

Nursing strikes: A retrospective. Becker’s Hospital Review looks at that 10 of the most recent nursing strikes and labor actions.

Insurance appeals: A good bet. Look for appeals to payers to increase after a report that shows as many as half of all appeals get insurers to reverse their decision. In Ohio, for example, 48 percent of appeals are overturned.