More M.D’s becoming masters of entrepreneurship (Morning Read)

Current medical news from today, including more doctors pursue advanced business and entrepreneurship degrees, a step closer to an adult tuberculosis vaccine, and a high-tech emergency training center opens its doors in NYC.

Current medical news and unique business news for anyone who cares about healthcare.

When docs start thinking business. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore will be the latest school to launch a biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship master’s program for scientists hoping to start their own biotechnology companies. It joins other schools with biomedical entrepreneurship master’s programs like NYU Poly and University of South Florida. And it’s fitting, as more and more doctors across the country are thinking like entrepreneurs and pursuing advanced business degrees.

TB vaccine. A researcher in New York has developed a prototype tuberculosis vaccine that has shown promise in animal testing. An existing vaccine provides some protection against childhood forms of the disease but not against adult forms.

NY Emergency training center opens doors. A sophisticated training center created largely in response to 9/11 opens its doors in NYC today. The New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences, a collaborative project between New York University and the City of New York, is equipped with technology to provide emergency workers with advanced emergency training.

Sending cancer technology where it’s really needed. The “Gene-Z,” an inexpensive mobile device for detecting cancer and tuberculosis may soon be available to doctors in developing countries that lack reliable diagnostic technology. Battery-operated and solar-chargeable, the device analyzes genetic markers for diseases with a tablet device.

Lipitor is still the top cholesterol drug. AstraZeneca’s cholesterol drug Crestor did not beat Pfizer’s Lipitor in a head-to-head clinical study. The under-performance of Crestor, AstraZeneca’s best-selling drug, may lessen confidence in its prospects as Lipitor prepares to come off patent in November and face new competition from generics.

Whoops… A British hospital (presumably) accidentally ran an employment ad that concluded with the sentence, “Usual rubbish about equal opportunities employer etc.” The hospital says the statement “in no way reflects” its position on equal opportunity.