Healthcare law is constitutional, appeals court agrees (Morning Read)

Current medical news from today, including appeals court rules that the individual mandate in President Obama’s healthcare law is constitutional, a new therapeutic ovarian and breast cancer vaccine, and Wal-Mart tries to take over primary care.

Current medical news and unique business news for anyone who cares about healthcare.

A boost for Obama administration’s healthcare law. A federal appeals court on Tuesday agreed with a lower court that earlier this year found the minimum coverage portion of the U.S. healthcare overhaul constitutional. Two federal courts have ruled against the individual mandate, but others have upheld it. The Supreme Court is expected to take on the individual mandate this term.

Cancer vaccine. A new experimental therapeutic cancer vaccine for metastatic breast cancer or ovarian cancer produced promising results in a recent early-stage clinical trial, extending the median survival time for 26 women who were injected with the vaccine.

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Physician Targeting Using Real-time Data: How PurpleLab’s Alerts Can Help

By leveraging real-time data that offers unprecedented insights into physician behavior and patient outcomes, companies can gain a competitive advantage with prescribers. PurpleLab®, a healthcare analytics platform with one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical claims databases in the United States, recently announced the launch of Alerts which translates complex information into actionable insights, empowering companies to identify the right physicians to target, determine the most effective marketing strategies and ultimately improve patient care.

Does Wal-Mart belong in healthcare? The U.S.’s largest retailer and private employer isn’t big enough — now it’s trying to become the biggest primary care health provider. Wal-Mart is seeking partners in healthcare to expand the services provided by its in-store clinics.

Mixing chemotherapy and marathons. Survivor winner and cancer survivor Ethan Zohn ran the New York City Marathon just a few days after announcing that his Hodgkins lymphoma had returned. But should someone undergoing chemotherapy run a marathon? Physical and emotional stress along with the side effects of chemotherapy could have made for a troublesome race.

This tiny pendant can calculate your caloric intake and output. The newest invention out of the University of Pittsburgh is a small, multi-sensor healthcare device that tracks a person’s activities, food intake, shopping patterns and activity levels. The eButton, which is worn as a pendant, is meant to determine individuals’ caloric intake and outputs.