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Could taking a bath in red wine actually provide health benefits? (If you didn’t have anything better to spend your money on)

Some people will go along with almost any healthcare fad, and many are making a profit in return.

Some spas have now added red wine bath treatments to their menu that supposedly provide healing benefits. Research has demonstrated that drinking wine (in moderation) can be good for us, but would sitting in a tub of it be worthwhile, or is it a silly, indulgent new fad that some people are apparently falling for?

The New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire has been outspoken about his affinity for the red wine bath and claims that he sees beneficial results. While the basketball pro has plenty of money and probably doesn’t blink an eye when filling his tub with wine, for most people, this would be unreasonable, not to mention the fact that it might not actually do anything.

A video released by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) took a closer, playful look at how or if someone can actually get the beneficial results from the antioxidants absorbed through your skin in a bath.

Looks like Stoudemire might be wasting his time on this one.