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This week on MedHeads: Healthcare information security – how worried should we be?

HCA’s recent major EHR outage and healthcare information security as a whole will be the subject of this week’s broadcast.

Hospital Corporation of America’s recent major EHR outage just days ago, which was reportedly caused by a hardware storage glitch, was disconcerting and highlighted how security issues continue to be increasingly prevalent and challenging to overcome.

This theme and concern was discussed this week as well by one of MedCity News’ medcitizens, Dr. John D. Halamka. He wrote, “The bottomline for 2015 – the threats increased and the technology, policy, and education efforts were redoubled. Although ICD10 and Meaningful Use work may be diminished in 2016, security work is likely to increase.”

Our own reporter, Neil Versel, Chris Seper, the vice president of healthcare at Breaking Media who leads MedCity News, and guests will discuss the healthcare information security subject on this week’s MedHeads.

MedHeads starts at 4 p.m. EDT on Friday, as it does every week. Join us via the YouTube embed below, or on our Google Hangout On Air page.