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Come see some of the hottest digital health start-ups at MedCity Converge

The startups will illustrate the variety of ways digital health is being used to across patient engagement, to combat substance abuse and other cognitive disorders, digital therapeutics, clinical decision support and more.

converge-logo-centered-600As MedCity’s CONVERGE conference approaches, some of the healthcare startups that you’ve read about in MedCity News will be there illustrating the variety of ways digital health is being used across patient engagement to do things such as combat substance abuse and other cognitive disorders, research study designs, and diagnostics.

The Startup Showcase at MedCity CONVERGE, held July 12-13 in Philadelphia, features 24 of the most promising startups with the most innovative approaches to solving some of healthcare’s greatest challenges.

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Here’s a selection of them:

Pear Therapeutics is part of the beyond the pill trend of developing companion software for medications prescribed by physicians to treat mental health conditions. Its lead product for people in outpatient therapy with substance use disorders uses cognitive therapy delivered through patient-facing smartphone apps and lets physicians monitor patients remotely.

Twine Health‘s approach is about helping people manage chronic conditions by setting achievable goals such as taking medication daily or doing a better job of tracking blood pressure, and reinforcing that with virtual health coaches.  It also helps healthcare professionals keep track of when their patients stray from health goals through real time analytics. But it designed its platform so that it’s not restricted to tech-savvy users.

Inspark Technologies works with connected glucometers to search data for patterns and give users feedback on how well they are managing their condition and what they can do to improve. It claims to be able to inform them of their risk for developing hypoglycemic event 24 hours ahead of time. It uses pattern analysis to provide users assessments on when their blood glucose tends to be high or low in the morning, afternoon, and evening and what action they can take to improve on that.

More Health is a medical tourism meets health IT business that developed a bilingual electronic health record. Its medical record platform is designed to support collaboration with U.S. physicians for patients seeking a second opinion. It is also wants to enable cross-border, big data collaborative research between Chinese and American academics.

Proof Pilot developed a Software as a Service business to help nonprofit organizations design and execute research studies at a more affordable price to quantify the effectiveness of their programs.

CONVERGE is a two-day executive summit where the entire B2B healthcare ecosystem gathers—payers, providers, medtech, pharma, digital health, investors, policymakers and others—to discuss in real, actionable ways the latest strategies, innovations and technology solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges. CONVERGE will uncover the greatest opportunities and provide the most accurate picture of where healthcare innovation is headed. Find out more here.

Join us July 12-13 in Philadelphia at the healthcare industry’s must-attend innovation event, MedCity CONVERGE.

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