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What would you ask Bakul Patel about digital health?

FDA’s Bakul Patel will take part in a virtual town hall at MedCity News’ ENGAGE conference in San Diego next week. Submit your question and see if it is selected to be asked during the conference.

FDA’s associate center director for digital health — Bakul Patel — is the face of the agency’s efforts to regulate while also fostering innovation in the nascent field. Less than a month ago, the agency announced the nine companies that have been picked from more than a 100 applications to take part in FDA’s first digital health Pre-cert program that will help to define the agency’s approach to digital health regulation while also helping largely high-tech companies introduce new kinds of products with the agency’s stamp of approval. Why were those nine companies selected? That will be one among several questions that will be answered at MedCity ENGAGE in San Diego, Oct. 24, where Bakul will feature remotely from his offices in the nation’s capital. Given that this will be a virtual town hall, what questions would you like to ask Patel? Please enter the question below and hit the “submit” button for a chance to have your question answered at MedCity ENGAGE. Interested in attending? Check out our agenda and get your tickets using the code MCN50