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Roland Reznik: Improving the $2.4 Billion Power Wheelchair Industry

Discover how one entrepreneur is changing the billion-dollar electric wheelchair industry. Learn how Roland Reznik took the small start-up and turned it into a leading manufacturer of lightweight power wheelchairs with the innovative design and technology.

roland-reznik-hqThe $2.4 billion power wheelchair industry is expected to grow rapidly by 2022 and beyond. Roland Reznik stepped into the industry with an innovative invention that has now made KD Smart Chair one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight power chairs. Roland’s passion for improving the lives of others motivated him to create a mobility device that would change the industry forever.

The KD Smart Chair is an FDA cleared lightweight mobility device that is best known for its durability and convenience. This lightweight power wheelchair has taken the industry by storm by offering users a mobility device that can fold in seconds, transport easily, turns in tight spaces and is easy to use. The strong aluminum alloy frame provides support and comfort for users. It’s also the first choice for travelers in the disabled community.

The power wheelchair industry is dedicated to encouraging mobility for people who would otherwise be bedridden. Improving the quality of life and providing users with the ability to control movement is the main focus of the industry.

How to Make Money in Upcoming Trends 

Roland offers his advice to entrepreneurs that are interested in getting involved in the industry. He says you need to focus on creating new innovations for something that already exists. Your goal is to improve the efficiency and offer new technology. However, entrepreneurs will want to use new technologies as an upsell tool. Creating services and products that can generate revenue are essential to succeeding in the industry due to the new CMS changes.

There have been a variety of CMS changes in coverage determination and Medicare codes. In order for providers to stay in business, power wheelchairs will now need to offer fewer features. Roland says, “I think the development of mobile apps to work with power chairs is something that may be in production in a few years. Users will be able to sync and control their chairs through their smartphones. Hardware and software components would be in demand if this becomes one of the features for some of the high-end power chairs.”

Financially Supporting Your Parents 

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-3-15-43-pmGeneration X and millennials are taking on new responsibilities as they get older. Suddenly, their baby boomer parents are senior citizens and their children are caught between trying to be successful and take care of their parent’s needs at the same time. If you are one of these people that are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the KD Smart Chair might be the answer for you.

Baby boomers that are having mobility issues are often hesitant to use a device to help them walk. The baby boomer generation is filled with individuals that are proud, strong, and stubborn. This generation lived through wars, political uproar, drug experimentation and the most memorable fashion in history. Baby boomers aren’t going to sit down and accept that they are immobile.

Baby boomers want to keep moving and living life. The trick is to convince them to use a mobility device for their own safety. The KD Smart Chair is an excellent option for baby boomers. It allows them to have the freedom and independence they are used to enjoying. It will also provide you freedom to focus on reaching your entrepreneurial goals.

Now, the other part of having baby boomer parents is the lack of funds. Some baby boomers didn’t think ahead financially which has caused them to live on social security benefits. The remaining funds needed to survive usually come from their children’s pockets. This means generation X and millennials not only have to support themselves, but they have to financially assist their parents.

This is where the drive to succeed kicks in and determination is developed. You might find yourself striving to be successful due to the responsibility and obligation you have to your parents. This highly stressful situation often sparks the creative process that results in the development of the most innovative technology, products, and services the world has ever seen. You might have an idea or invention already in the works at this moment. This is when you need to allow the enormous responsibility of being financially responsible for your parents to drive you towards greatness and success.

Sharing Your Wealth 

A topic that doesn’t get enough attention is the care our veterans are receiving in this country. It is sad to report that veterans are dying while they are placed on a wait list for medical care. Citizens might not be able to control or change the system at this moment. However, you can try to find ways to share your wealth with those in need.

As CEO of KD Smart Chair, Roland Reznik took the initiative to make a difference by contributing to the “Paralyzed Veterans of America Mission: ABLE Help Our Heroes campaign. He provided wheelchairs to troops in need. This action encourages entrepreneurs to share their service or product with the world.

This selfless act can change the daily lives of those people that would otherwise suffer. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on a niche or industry you are familiar with or have the resources to get everything launched. Once you achieve success begin to focus on improving the lives of others. Donating your product or offering your service is essential to creating a good brand and reputation in the industry.