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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi invitationThe Cleveland Clinic is offering big perks to doctors and nurses who staff its emerging hospital in Abu Dhabi, according to The Plain Dealer.

The perquisites include salaries that are higher than those for most U.S. workers, free health care, paid moving expenses, paid private education for children  –  even a bonus when your job is done at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The Clinic, which will manage the 360-bed hospital being built by the United Arab Emirates government, pitched its perqs to job seekers and employees during an open house at the InterContinental Hotel & Conference Center this week.

The health system also advertised Abu Dhabi’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and the beauty of the surrounding area, the Plain Dealer said.

But taking a job in a fast-growing, Middle Eastern city is highly challenging for many Americans, Jerry Bosken, chief human resources officer for the Clinic, told open house attendees.

For one, there’s a housing shortage in Abu Dhabi. Rent inflation is about 50 percent a year, Bosken told the PD. For families with children, there is no public education, only private education. Then there’s the bureaucratic paperwork of going to work in a foreign land and learning to get around a new city.

Did we mention that modest dress and a permit to buy alcohol are required? “Life as an expatriate is not for everybody,” Bosken said.

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i just like to ask what are the qualifications for nurses that you are going to hire in this hospital???? pls let me know..thnks!!!!!!!!!!