Wikipedia website meets Ohio biotech. Why didn’t it happen earlier?

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Ohio’s bioscience industry just got the Wikipedia treatment.

An anonymous author over Easter Weekend created the Ohio bioscience sector page on Wikipedia. It’s a well-sourced – albeit quirky and a little dated – summary of the state’s biotech community (Exhibit A: the Ohio bioscience Wikipedia page’s signature photo is of the lagoon outside the Cleveland Museum of Art).

The author seems like a bit of a Wikipedia hobbyist rather than a healthcare insider. For example, he has also heavily edited the Wikipedia website on subjects including the history of Ohio, economy of Ohio and the energy sector of Ohio.

But the author inadvertently put Ohio biotech in rare company: mostly national biotech industries, not states, have their own Wikipedia pages.


Local biotech trade groups had no idea about the site. Cleveland’s BioEnterprise and Ohio’s statewide organization, BioOhio, didn’t know the page existed until Monday.

Really, it’s amazing someone in the industry didn’t think of doing this earlier. Wikipedia entries are almost universally among the top of search results on their subject matter. After just two days, searches forĀ  “Ohio bioscience sector” on Google have the new Wikipedia page as the second most popular result.

Now some local insider should consider taking charge and cleaning it up.

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