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10 startups from mHealth 2011: Above Stress

More than 40 seed and early stage companies took to the showroom floor at this year’s mHealth Summit in Washington D.C., which ended Wednesday. Many were sponsored by incubators including StartUp Health and Rock Health. This is one of a series of posts I’m publishing that includes elevator pitches from 10 of the companies I liked.

Above Stress makes a healthcare mobile app that provides a straight forward way to outline an individual’s stress levels, and hopes their product will win over wellness programs, insurance companies and other organizations looking for ways to increase preventive care.

The stress relief app asks its users to rate its stress level on a scale of 1 to 10 and when and why it’s happening (answers include not enough sleep, a lack of exercise, and so on). A diary that compiles all this data can be easily e-mailed to a physician or anyone else.

“In general our mission is to help individuals to track and manage their stress levels ,” said Jenai Engelhard, the group’s executive director.

The company launched in mid-2010.

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Chris Seper contributed to this report.

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