Mobile monitoring engages patients, providers to avoid hospital readmission

Digital health incubator Rock Health hosted the 2012 Health Innovation Summit last week in San Francisco. In a series of posts, I’ll be profiling some of the interesting new health companies represented at the summit. You can browse all of the startups I liked from the Rock Health summit here.

Hospital discharge papers aren’t enough to help patients recover from surgery at home and prevent high hospital readmission rates. So argues Pipette, a new digital health company designing a remote health-monitoring platform that allows payers and providers to track a patient’s recovery after leaving the hospital.

Compatible with smartphones, SMS-enabled cell phones, tablets and computers, Pipette asks discharged patients to input how they’re feeling throughout the day. It also checks in with them with reminders and tips, offers them resources for more information and has built-in capabilities that encourage good behaviors and discourage bad ones.

Cofounder Ryan Panchadsaram said the platform could cut healthcare costs by reducing the hospital readmission rate and allowing patients to be monitored from home using devices they already have, rather than being sent home with separate devices. It’s currently being piloted at two U.S. institutions.

See some of the features of the platform in this video from the Health Innovation Summit hosted by Rock Health, which graduated Pipette from its inaugural class last year.

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