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Sleep disorder diagnostic company raises $2.5M; seeks another $1.5M

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Sleep disorder diagnostic company Dymedix Diagnostics is seeking $4 million, of which $2.5 million has been raised, said interim chief operating officer Evan Johnston.

Dymedix makes sleep sensors that are used in sleep disorder clinical studies, Johnston said of the Minnesota company. Some of the money will be used to repay debt, but most of it will be used on a brand new sales and marketing strategy.

Until recently, the company was using a direct sales force to market its sleep sensors. Now, the goal is to collaborate with manufacturers of polysomnographs with which the sleep sensors are designed to be compatible.


“It was not economically feasible to have our sales force market the sensors,” Johnston said. “We are now collaborating with the capital equipment manufacturers” whose equipment are used in sleep labs nationwide.

He added that the money will also be used to improve the sensors so that they are compatible with a broader set of polysomnographs that are available on the market.

Dymedix Diagnostics is a subsidiary of Dymedix Corp., which owns a 10 percent stake. Johnston is president and chief operating officer of the parent corporation.

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