Why everyone loves the chief medical information officer

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MedCity News is providing in-depth coverage of HIMSS2012 as part of a special series sponsored by Hyland Software.

The position of chief medical information officer is becoming more important to hospitals. And, it turns out, the people selling health IT solutions to hospitals like the job, too.

While chief information officers will focus on security and process for health IT products into a hospital, a chief medical information officer will look at functionality and use – and can become a champion for the right solution, said Sheldon Herbert, senior director of global enterprise sales for Motorola.


Herbert was part of Motorola’s contingent at HIMSS2012 in Las Vegas, promoting one of the early big press announcements at the conference. Motorola, Verizon and Boxtone announced a new security solution for the health market using Android-based phones.

Herbert said direct feedback from CMIOs helped improved Motorola’s products

“You can find yourself a champion,” Herbert said.

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